Deadlift battle

At the Alaska State Powerlifting Meet in April of this year, my final Deadlift was 336-lbs/152.5-kg and at the time, it was a PR by 13-pounds, but it was clear that I had more in me. Leading up to Raw Nationals, I trained off that 336-pound Deadlift and in competition in Orlando I missed it on my 2nd attempt, but made it on my 3rd. By this point, I didn’t realize I was about to be at war with a barbell that was twice my bodyweight. In training leading up to the Top of the World Powerlifting Meet, my plan for a couple weeks out from the meet was to hit 335-lbs for 2 singles. I made it the first lift and missed it on my 2nd.

Natalie: 3

335-pound barbell: 2

In September, at the Top of the World meet in Fairbanks, I missed 335-lbs/152.5-kg on both my SECOND and THIRD attempts. That’s right, now the score was 3 (Natalie) to 4 (335-pound barbell). Talk about discouraging.

However, yesterday I regained the lead. And as far as I’m concerned, the battle is over. You can watch this video and decide for yourself:

Onward and upward.

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