How is it already mid-October? We still have only had one substantial snowfall in Anchorage, but I know a full season of the white stuff is coming soon! Another good week of training in the books and another week closer to Alaska Fitness Expo (AFX) Bench and Deadlift Invitational where I will be sharing the stage with about half a dozen of STUDS, including Brad Gillingham. There is going to be a lot of  iron moved on that stage and it will be a sight to see!

My heavy Bench session on Wednesday consisted of me working up to 2 singles at 185-lbs, which is 100% of my training max and 95% of my all-time max. And then on Friday, I knocked out a 7×2 (that’s FOURTEEN reps) at 275-lbs, which has been my opener at the last 3 meets I’ve competed in: Alaska State Championship in April, Raw Nationals in July, and the Top of the World PL Challenge in September. Talk about a confidence boost!

I’ve made a few additions to my website tonight. First, I can now be found at Second, I added a tab to the top menu called “Support Natalie” where you’ll find a PayPal donation button. As most readers probably know, I am a student at the University of Alaska Anchorage and I coach CrossFit about 10 hours a week.. My point? Being a competitive amateur athlete is more than I can cover on my own. I will be selling t-shirts soon that will be designed by House 8 Graphics to help raise money for my trip to Columbus for the Arnold Sports Festival in February.

Happy training this week!

“Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world.” – MM

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