Do it for YOU

Last week was rough. Suddenly I was staring down my first round of midterms in Graduate school. At this point, I don’t want training to take a back seat to school (go ahead, judge me), so I let myself fall behind on other things (i.e. blog posts, current events, grocery shopping, and socializing). Thursday afternoon I wrapped up my exhausting school week and welcomed the weekend with open arms – the first thing I did was get a power snatch PR.. Just for fun. Although I only tinker with my Olympic lifts about once a month, I am getting so much stronger that my lack of technical practice doesn’t really matter. When I deadlift 200-pounds to Clean it, the weight feels like a warm-up rep! Same with the Snatch, so on Thursday I decided to work up to a 1RM Power Snatch (didn’t want to squat the weight) and got 135-pounds. It probably wasn’t the prettiest Power Snatch, but it also felt like a feather.

Let me back up a bit, though. Like I said, my training did not fall by the wayside last week.. If anything, I use my training to put off studying an extra couple of hours. On Wednesday, my coach had programmed 8×2 Squat at 65% (200-lbs). I went into my training session with a tentative plan to work up to a heavy Squat single, but only if I was feeling good. After the 8×2, I was hungry for more so I worked up to match the PR that I hit a few weeks ago (140-kg/309-lbs). The weight came right up, so I went for more and hit 145-kg/320-lbs:

That rep looked and felt like a maximal load. I shifted back and forth between being on my heels and toes as I stood it up and worked my ass off for the rep. It was a PR by 13-pounds/5-kg from just two weeks prior. Following that Squat session, I did heavy Bench work:

Today is my 5th day of training in a row (tsk, tsk) and I worked up to a heavy Squat single this morning, matching 145-kg/320-pounds:

I thought I could get another small PR today, but 147.5-kg/325-pounds didn’t go. Part of it was probably related to attempt selection. From 140-kg, I should have jumped to 147.5-kg/325-lbs or even 150-kg/330-pounds.. But I’m still ok with matching my lifetime PR after my volume work increased so much in the last week and I haven’t had a rest day since last Tuesday. Hitting 145/320 again is a good confidence booster and it helps me get more comfy under that weight.

In the past, I have posted about beauty, working with what you got, defying stereotypes, and that sort of thing. This morning I watched an awesome video put together by CrossFit that brought tears to my eyes (that’s not an exaggeration). It falls right in line with my platform and I want every person in the world to see the video, believe it, and live by the message:

Beauty, to me, is doing something that makes ME feel powerful, strong, and accomplished. Whether or not that is perceived as “normal” cannot matter. It is what I want to do with my body, my time, my gifts, my life.

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