Roaming powerlifter

After doing some slight rearranging last week, I got to do my last heavy bench before AFX with the big dawgs, Rob and Baller. One is an American Record holder and the other is a self-proclaimed contender for GQ’s “Sexiest Man Alive”:


They dwarf the weight I lift. Also, I don’t have to do much of anything besides lift my weight because what purpose would I serve handing off, spotting, or even loading red plate after red plate when these two are around? I worked up to 2 singles at 191-lbs/82.5-kg, so I did get to play with the big reds.

Following this training session in Rob’s little slice of heaven of a basement, I packed up my suitcase and got on a plane at 5 the next morning headed for Minneapolis. This weekend was the best option for a quick weekend trip to visit my brother. He will be in-season for the rest of the year, pretty much… Not that that has stopped me from visiting before. Anyway, because he as an athlete for the University of Minnesota, I have a fortunate hook-up: the U of M athletic complex weight room. Yes puh-leeeease.


Yesterday I benched several sets of triples at 145-lbs alongside female throwers for the Track & Field team.. Mostly big, tall human beings. I throw like a girl and I’m short, otherwise I would ponder my potential in the sport.

Last night my brother’s roommate made breakfast for dinner (read: pancakes from scratch). Yes, I’ll deduct my Whole Life Challenge points.

Training today is going to be going down somewhere even COOLER than the photo above. Hang tight!

“The only thing standing between what you are and what you want to be is what you do.”

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