Posting from the beach

I’m currently laying on the beach in Daytona, but figured I should give some kind of update to anyone that might be following. I will provide more details and videos when I get a chance later this week.

Yesterday did not go as well as I would have desired. I made 5/9 of my lifts.. The standard is 6/9. I missed my 3rd squat trying to chip my own American Record at 299-pounds, missed my 2nd and 3rd bench attempts at 187-pounds (which is a weight I have successfully lifted countless times), and missed my 2nd deadlift (don’t ever do heavy deadlifts with a full bladder – I’ll spare you the details). In the end, I got 2nd for my Juniors (20-23 years old) class and took 6th overall (missed 5th by 0.5kg). My Wilkes score from the day was 355, which I am just ok with because 345 is the Arnold qualifier.

Anyway, back to vacation. Thanks to everyone for unwavering support and being awesome.


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