Walk Tall

Today was a big mental day. Stepped on the scale to find that I was up 2 pounds from Saturday. Although I am totally aware that it is water weight, it still messed with my head the first half of the day. I started water loading today, which entails drinking 2 gallons a day all week until about 12 hours before weigh ins, then water consumption stops and you eat an entire lemon. The whole damn thing. Mmmmm.

During the lunch hour, I did my last lifting session on my program for Raw Nationals, light bench (up to 146-lbs) and light squats (up to doubles at 210-lbs). This evening I did some rowing and airdyne intervals, which were actually really enjoyable. The working intervals were at a manageable pace, just one to keep my heart rate at about 160 BPM, so nothing terrible.

Tonight I’m focusing on relaxing. I’m going to watch an episode (or as much of one that I can before passing out) of Modern Family to get my mind elsewhere 🙂

And on that note, sayonara.


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