Sunday Funday

This was a great weekend. Finished off my Friday night with smooth-as-butter (get used to that analogy, it’s my fave) heavy bench doubles (178.5-lbs / 91.5%), a 15 minute AMRAP of deadlifts, push-ups, and 200m sprints (I didn’t actually sprint), and then finally a 20 mile ride on my bike.

Saturday morning I checked my weight and I was down to only 3 pounds over, then I did a not-for-time WOD before coaching for 5 hours. After an afternoon nap, I rode my bike 12 miles and then slipped on a summer dress and went to a going away gathering.

I went a little nuts today and I’m pretty spent right now. Started off the day with an 18 mile ride. After getting a few things done, I met up with some of the amazing gals I work out with and they did a pretty ridiculous WOD with me.

10 rounds* (1 min at each station)
-Heavy prowler push (on the force treadmill)
-Plank hold
-Farmers carry with (60-lb dumbbells)

*While rocking a 20-lb weight vest

I needed to simply do consistent work today. That meant maintaining the same intensity level throughout the 50 minute workout. We opted to not keep score and to rest on an as-needed basis. I’m really fortunate to have women like them in my life because there is no way I could/would do that workout alone.

All in all, a great weekend. Time to prep some food and hit the hay. This is a big week leading up to Raw Nationals and I need to focus on lots and lots of sleep every night.


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