Today marks 8 days out from Raw Nationals. This morning I checked my weight and I’m 4.7 pounds over and from here on out, I’ll be weighing myself every morning to get a good idea of how much I float over night. I’m really fortunate that I have my brother to help me out. He’s a D1 wrestler for U of Minnesota, if anyone knows how to shed weight, it’s him. My office is providing pizza for our lunch meeting.. Needless to say, I’ll be enjoying my steamed veggies and chicken 😉

Squats this morning felt great. I did my warmup progression that I’ll be doing on meet day, but hit my last warm-up weight (250-lbs/113.5-kg) for 3 singles.

This afternoon I will bench 8×2 at 178.5-lbs (91.5%) and do a lot of conditioning and sweating.


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