Pre-Meet Post: Top of the World

After Raw Nationals, I committed myself 100% to powerlifting training in preparation for the Arnold Sports Festival Powerlifting meet in February 2014. Not only am I focused on just powerlifting, but I am also working on becoming a better competitor. All my life I played team sports and powerlifting is essentially the first time I have been a competitive individual athlete. Knowing myself mentally and emotionally around training and competition is an essential part of becoming competitive at the level that I am striving for.

This fall/winter I am lifting in 3 meets that are basically back-to-back, with approximately just 6 weeks between each one. That tight schedule has benefits, but also has some downfalls. It is going to get me in touch with myself as a competitor, but it also means I will be peaking my lifts every 6 weeks which is not ideal.

Tomorrow is Meet 1 of 3 before the Arnold next February. My goal is to make lifts that I missed at Raw Nationals and to grow mentally as an individual athlete. I spoke recently in a post about tunnel vision in training. Tomorrow I am going to use that tunnel vision because I know that all I can do is what I have prepared for. There will be no surprises.

Execute, execute, execute.

A member of CrossFit Alaska told me recently that he thought I looked robotic, machine-like when I lift. In my opinion, that is one of the best things I could have heard. Every single time I get under the bar, I strive to make it look the same as the lift before. Consistency is key in making progress.

Tonight I will be eating a lemon. I am going to post a video to prove that it really is not as bad as many make it out to be. I consider it to be one way to exercise mental toughness.


Raw Nationals 2nd place in the Junior (20-23) division

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