Feeling like a water balloon

Heavy training sessions leading up to the Top of the World meet are all done. Water loading has begun. Oh joy.

Worked up to 3 Bench singles at 185-lbs last Wednesday, which felt prettyyy good.

Then I worked up to a 290-pound Squat on Friday, which felt excellent.

Today was water loading day 1.. That means I am drinking 2 gallons of water each day. It’s really hard to stay focused at the Library when you have to walk to the bathroom every 10 minutes – and that’s no exaggeration. Not to mention the hassle of all that standing up and sitting down when you’re sore as F! First world problems, right? Needless to say, I only survived the library a few hours before I was 1) too hungry to stay focused, and 2) sick of peeing in the library bathroom over and over.

I started the Whole Life Challenge (WLC) with CrossFit Alaska yesterday. It’s an 8-week long point-based Paleo challenge. We ended up with over 60 participants in our community! That’s huge and so exciting! I can’t wait to see the progress everyone makes 🙂

This week of training just consists of Monday and Wednesday. Tomorrow I’ll Squat 205-lbs for a handful of reps and bench 140-lbs. Wednesday is just some light Squats. My main focus is getting plenty of rest and keeping my mind right.

photo 2

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