Lipstick-inspired spiel

“‘Lipstick-wearing Powerlifter’ does not have to be a contradiction. We can get strong without leaving our feminism in the dust!” is what I posted as my Facebook status last night. It came after a comment someone made to me yesterday, and I haven’t been able to shake it.

I’ll start with a story from few months back: I was in the middle of a long training session at my gym (CF Alaska) and over the course of an hour or two my ponytail had gotten tousled. When I stood in front of one of the mirrors to fix my hair, someone (a male) said to me, “Do you have to look good to workout or something?” I thought some really sassy things to myself, but just replied with a laugh and said, “Yup, you nailed it!” But obviously the comment resonated with me, because I remember it to this day.

Most people know, and I would bet that there are scientific studies about this somewhere, that self-confidence has a huge influence on athletic performance. You’re not going to get a Clean & Jerk personal record if you are not confident in yourself and your ability to lift the weight. In my opinion, this can go all the way back to how an individual feels when they step into the gym.. If I feel good about myself when I arrive, I will perform better. So yes, that may mean that I wear make-up to the gym.. And I may even leave my lipstick on from earlier in the day. Does that make my 200-pound Clean & Jerk worth less? No. Yesterday I told a friend at the gym that I was going to do squat and bench and her response was, “In lipstick?” Yes, in lipstick. And I might even have my nails painted. *gasp*

I’m on a mission to destroy stereotypes and to defy societal norms. Anyone is welcome to join me. Keep your nose to the grind stone, train hard, set & achieve goals, and always embrace your femininity.


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