All bets are off

“Before the whistle blows and the clock starts ticking, just remember out here the results don’t always add up. No matter what the stats might say, what the experts might think, and what the commentators might have predicted… When the race is on all bets are off.”

See the video I’m quoting above here:

Nothing that has happened up to the moment we step foot onto the platform at Raw Nationals 2014 matters anymore. Sure, it has prepared us for the big day, but no one stands on top of the platform for what they lifted in training. Meet day often comes faster than I expect it to, which is the very reason I refuse to go through my training cycles with a rushed mindset (i.e. “I can’t wait until my next meet!”). It is the process and development over weeks and months that molds me mentally/emotionally into who I am on game day. We are 11 days out from Raw Nationals 2014 and I will cherish every one of those days, even after all my heavy training is over with, and enjoy the process.

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