Gearing up

23 days until I step foot on the biggest stage of my life. It is surreal to think we are that close… This countdown first began last July – almost seven months ago. That is almost as long as my Powerlifting career. These last few months have started to shape me as an athlete and I have learned some crucial things about myself as a competitor. Prior to December, I didn’t know what motivated me. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a competitive person, so that has played a role in my drive as a Powerlifter but now I know more about myself than that. I am figuring out what I need to thrive. These things light the fire inside of me that has always been there, but has not burned quite as hot as it does now. Since I started Powerlifting-specific training last June, my training has been primarily on my own. That is good to a point, but I’ve learned in the last couple of months that camaraderie and training parters can bring a LOT of positive to training. I now have a good balance of both: my treasured alone time under the bar, as well as regular group training sessions with the bros (and lady bros ). The next 3 weeks are going to fly, but I am savoring every moment in the present. I need every single rep, all the hours of training, sleep, etc. to feel ready. Not physically — physically, I’m ready. Now it’s time to get my mind right. It won’t be long before I’m visualizing the event center, my warmups, interactions, and the exciting moments on the platform. I’ll be packing my suitcase in my head, putting together the pieces of my outfit, and planning game-day fuel, among so many other things. That’s how I operate and I need the next 3 weeks to go through that. There is no rush.

There are so many other athletes gearing up right now for the same weekend at the Arnold. Some have been there numerous times, and others are in a similar boat as me. Regardless of the event people are lifting in, we are all putting in countless hours of grueling work to get there. That alone is beautiful to me. I don’t care if someone is raw or equipped, big or small, young or old. Hard work is hard work.

Can you guess who is in this photo below? Being strong is more fun, no matter your build!


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