Think about how you perceive yourself

This might get a little preachy, but hear me out.

It is so very easy for women to get into a groove of nit-picking their bodies. I would know, I am a woman and I have been doing it my entire life. “If I could get rid of my love handles, shrink my thighs, lengthen my neck, and grow 4 inches taller – I would have my DREAM BODY!” You ladies know what I’m talking about, I am sure of it. So many women are spending all of their energy chasing their dream body that is unrealistic. For example, if you are naturally taller than average with broad shoulders and wide hips, you are wasting your time striving to get the same body as your petite, even skinny, friend.

I spent SO many years in that world – I wanted to be tiny. If you don’t already know what I look like, I am short and thick/stocky/stout/dense/whatever you want to call it. I’ve been that way my entire life, but for the longest time my vision was that one day I was going to look like a petite runner. Month after month, year after year, my body type wasn’t changing (*gasp*)… My weight would fluctuate up and down, but my shape never changed – I always had big thighs, a big ass, and little waist. Basically the opposite of what I was aiming for. At some point within the last two years, I woke up. How the hell was that journey EVER going to feel good? I was blessed with these genetics and I needed to start a journey that was going to bring me satisfaction, success, fulfillment.


Rather than looking at yourself in a negative light, looking for things to change, and comparing yourself to others – EMBRACE what your mama (and papa) gave you. Find something that makes you feel happy, empowered, like you have purpose and work your ass off (not literally). Appreciate and love your body for what it’s capable of.


On that note, it is time for me to move some iron.

“There is nothing impossible to [her] who will try.”  – Alexander the Great

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